Byrne Cymbals for sale !!!


For sale
Byrne Cymbals
Hand hammered and lathed in Illinois by cymbal artisan Ray Byrne.
Each cymbal made from a Turkish B20 bronze blank.
22” Vintage Series - 2192g
20” Quarter Turk - 1900g
15” Vintage Series hi hats - T 1192 B 1501
These are brand new... I received them in Oct.
I’m asking $1000 shipped to you in the Con. US.
I payed $1400 just months ago
PM me with questions

for some reason every time I try to upload photos it says they are too large
hit me up
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Anyone looking for some staggering amazing jazz cymbals with vintage sound - look no further.

I saw/heard these on your Instagram page. They are ridiculous good.

If I didn't already have more cymbals than I know what to do with, I'd be ALL over these. Great price!