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Looking back 95% of my gear was new. I had some Ludwig kits used and I lucked into a retiring drummer's own personal cymbal collection that is still the major percentage of my A set of bronze. I got a 67 Acro used. I thought it was a dog. All the Ludwigs and the Acro are long gone. So I'm left with no used drums, just all 4 of the custom kits I ordered. DW, Eames, 2 Guru kits. Used cymbals, I do have 5. Seems backwards with used cymbals and no used drums..
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Mostly used, though more cymbals are new. Overall, my luck and bargains have been very good and will generally buy cymbals in person whenever possible unless a steal.

There is a risk in used, I tend to run away when the head marks on a drum are all over the telling how many inadvertent stick hits to the bearing edge were done. And hairline cracks in cymbals are not always obvious. Or temperature storage of used gear...who really knows so reputable owners are always preferred.

But some of the 'new' gear shared here with significant issues for pricy high-end lines...yikes, no guarantee in anything.


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Tama KA145 ($200 and it was very used)
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"Used", here. That's where the value is. 1987 Steinberger SP3= $140. 2021 Les Paul Studio w/orig gig bag and literature WITH a Fender Strat in hs case = $928. 1979 Gibson "The Paul" w ohsc = $218. 1987 Moon Bass = $599+ tax. Local player offered me 1600 for that.
Moon bass for that little? Hot?


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Odd that the Joker (seen here shortly before he's due to be executed) doesn't mention his choice of drum.



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Is there anyone who prefers to buy new? Or better yet, refuses to buy used?

Just curious. This CL ad got me thinking:

"YAMAHA P45 88-Key Weighted Digital Piano Home Bundle With Wooden Furniture Stand And Bench.

***brand new***barely touched***perfect condition***no box, tossed it***
My daughter decided she didn’t want to play piano after all, only took 2 lessons.

Retail price was $759, asking price $600."

I just cant fathom spending $759 on a whim. Especially when I see ads for free piano all the time.
Fair Market Value states once a new item leaves the store it’s value becomes 40-60% of retail


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Keys, new because they offered me an In store financing when I had no credit history, I was just here in canada for one year only. Then, same stores, new and old and demo and very few cash, most of it on credit, I usually wait for the time they have 6 or 12 months free.
Drums, ditto, some cymbals new and some used in store but with guarantee. Microphones and keys and mosdules/expanders on eBay, a lot, no issues at all, I have a super thechnician if something goes wrong thoug.
I don't buy if I know I won't use it so, I also almost never resell....
Guitar and bassses, both new and used but all my used are almost like new co diction, you cannot see a difference, the difference is for me in price.
A lot of my drums hardware bought to the same guy who has tons of it, usually at 50% cheaper and good condition.
I usually start with "What do I need, then, what do I want, then, check used, then, check promo, then checknew".... And then it arrives and I play.