Buying Second Hand V-Drum kit – Roland TD-11 or Alesis DM10 Studio


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Hi All – hope you can help – new to V-Drums and drumming in general.
I have an option to buy one of two types of second hand V-drum kits, the Roland TD-11 or Alesis DM10 Studio. Not knowing too much about this world I wanted some basic advice. I know both will be more than enough for what I want/need but I think it comes down to overall value for money and quality of sound. The TD-11 is £450 and looks in very good condition and all original. On the other hand, the DM10 is £420 but looks a little tired and has had the Mylar heads changed to Z-ED mesh ones – but these look equally tired and I’m concerned whether the change was for the good. Also, the cymbals on the DM10 look marked and I don’t know if this can be detrimental to their performance but the DM does come with a 120W Amp.
I know these things can get a bit ‘down to personal preference’ but just wanted some guidance. Also, not being a drummer (yet) is there a way for me to test these to make sure they both work fine?
Thanks for any help given



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Stick marks on a cymbal can be removed nicely with a damp cloth or the best with 303 Aerospace Protectant (or similar). It's a sign of use, but not necessarily mean anything else. In general Roland and Yamaha are considered much more durable than other brands. Mesh is a lot better than old rubber pads though. If buying non-Roland with a preference for having many big pads, I'd maybe consider a new Mllenium MPS-850 with the 3 year warranty from Thomann (£439). Or an entry level Roland TD-1DMK in this price range if you don't need advanced features. From the above two, the TD-11 is better value, but I wouldn't buy used without testing it or some guarantee that all works.


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Hi, Thanks for advice. I'm sticking to the Roland Brand and just checking out other 'used' options in my budget i.e. the TD-11K or TD-1DMK.
Thanks for quick reply - much appreciated.