buying new drums need help


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i wont to buy a drum set that is good for classic and hard rock i have about 1000 bucks.what would be a good drum set to buy.


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There are so many threads on this already. I would suggest that since you are new to the forum that you read as much of you can of the Drum Gear section and the Your place section and you will find many opinions and suggestions as to what is new and practical within your budget. Happy reading.


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Musiciansfriend, it is truly your friend.
Maple gives you nice, warm sound, and with the right heads, you can get that classic rock sound.


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Keep your eyes open for some good deals on a Mapex M Birch. Mapex has introduced the Meridian birch this year, so you might find some good deals on an M Birch in your price range. and Mapex makes a good kit.