Buying an Electronic Kit


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Hi guys, I recently have decided that the next drum-related item I should spend my money on is an electronic drum kit. The one I like the most of those I have seen is the Roland TD-12. It is of extremely good quality and isn't 5 grand. I have a couple questions before I buy anything though.

1. Is the Roland TD-12 as good as I think it is? AKA Are there better kits for the money?

2. If I go for the TD-12, what price should I be looking for? (I need the module as well as the kit and rack system). I've been seeing the full package for around $4,000. Used I'm seeing around $3000.


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$3000 still seems high for a used, $2500 would be a better target price. However, you should try out the latest Yamahas.

I have a TD12 and so that's all I know. However, I'm very happy with mine.