Buying a new Snare head / skin


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Hi guys

I'm buying some new skins for my drumkit. I'm going for evans g2 coated fusion for the toms. What is a good snare drum skin ? To be honest I'm not really sure what sound I'm looking for, this is my first kit and my first time re-skinning the shells.

I play a lot of fast punk music, but also practice a lot of Funk and Dub style music. So I want a 'snappy' sound. I don't like the sound of Metal band's snare drums.

I've got the stock snare that came with the Tama Superstar kit.

Can you guys recommend me some snare skins, there seems to be so much out there.
Thanks a lot


Coated G1 or Ambassador would be fine...if you want it to be round and warm and poppy...the vintage ambassador would be nice. That's a wood snare right? the dude that takes snare heads from other guys when they think they're "dead" and use them for another 6 months...


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remo ambassedor are really good for versatillity. actually, the g2 coted are too.

however, i find the remo "controlled sound" to be easier to tune and almost as versital.


My all time favorite snare batter head is the Evans Power Center Reverse Dot head, I have it on four of my wood shelled snares. I also use an Evans EC batter head on my stainless snare. If I know that I'll be using brushes, I'll go with an Evans G1 coated. The equivalent Remo heads also sound very nice, but after switching to Evans about three years ago, I find the coatings last a bit longer.