Buying a new dr set

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Buying a new drum set

Hi all. After many years of not playing I'm finally going to buy another drum kit. I'm old school and grew up with Ludwig and Pearl but there so many new brands out there. I was told Gretsch Energy is a great set. Any help would be appreciated.
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I always say go with what you know. Can't get more old school than Ludwig. What is your budget for drums (excluding cymbals) ? Let us know and we'll get you on the right track :)


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Gretsch Energy .... shell pack $400 .... w/hardware & cymbals $700. Not a bad little kit, but just about every other make has a competing kit, for around the same money.​
Almost all entry level and intermediate level kits are made in China. Not that that's a bad thing, that's just to say it's a pretty level playing field. Doesn't matter if the home brand name is US (ex. Ludwig) or Japanese (ex. Pearl) .... only the high end drums come from USA, or Japan. And the Chinese are capable of making some high end drums, also.​
So, say from Ludwig, a similar Element set w/hardware, will cost $479. Add a cymbal pack to that ..... and you're in the ballpark of the Gretsch.​
The Pearl Forum will run around $669, for kit/hardware/cymbals.​
If you can get into thinking "used" shop eBay/Craig's List. There are deals to be had. You get more "bang for your buck" buying used.​

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Re: Buying a new drum set

My cost will be around $800-$900 total with cymbals. Thx guys for replying


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Since you have played before and are familiar with gear,I would recommend going used,A Zildjian and Sabian AA cymbals you can a full set,Ride ,hats, a couple of crashes for 350.00 400.00, for a kit you can get a good entry level 800.00 900.00 new kit,say a Mapex pro m or Pacific drums and percussion or Gretsch Catalina birch or maple for 400.00 used.

That would give you something that sounds pro level,that will hold up awhile and will give you good resale should you want to trade up to a better kit,or that you could sell and break even.