building a new kit

john gerrard

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O.K., I just want to throw this out to you all. I've had about 25 kits now and finally I think I know what I want in a drum kit. My Gretsch Renown Rock kit 24,13,16 is just a little too big for what I need, my Gretsvh Cat Jazz is just a tad too small. So I'm thinking for me a 20x14, 12x9, 15x14 would be just right. But to get these sizes I think I would almost have to buy shells and put it together myself. Now I have no problem buying the shells and having them drilled and the bearing edges cut. I have finished a few drum sets and I have no problem assembling them and finishing them. What I'm wondering is if it will be worth it. Does anybody that has done this have a rough idea what it would cost? I'm talking shells that have been drilled,and edges cut,rims,lugs,tension screws, and hoops,etc.. I would have to sell my Renowns which are only a few months old,my Cat Jazz which are used but like new, and I have a set of Tama Superstar's that I would also sell. I just want to get down to one kit, and have just what I want. I just hope that I can sell off my other drums to fund this project.

So come on and give me your opinions. Thanks, John


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I would check and see if someone can order a matching 20" bass drum for your Renown kit:

Model # RN-1620B.

Unless you really want to build your own. The 13x10 and 16x16 toms you've got now are probably close enough to what you're considering to make you really think twice about it.

I hear you though - not too big, not too little - just right - ha ha.