Budget headphones


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Since the thread resurfaced...

It should be noted that the new Vic Firths have been improved over the old version. I *think* they went from 30mm to 50mm drivers....(but the new ones are definitely 50mm). Big difference in the low end and overall sound quality, especially when listening to a kit that is miked up.

Also note that the Vic Firths are sound ISOLATING and made from hearing protection muffs, not just "closed back". BIG difference in how much protection and separation from kit volume in my experience they offer. Even more than my current IEM set up. There are also other models that offer this includng the "Ultraphones" listed above. Which are based in the isolation earmuff with Sony components.

I almost went for the Ultraphones, but decided to give the new Vic Firths a shot for $80. I find the improved Vic Firths to be good enough for practicing drums with and use my Audio Technica ATH-M40x headphones for listening and mixing. (Not real hi fidelity but ok for my 60 year old ears lol).

I have trued the idea of using good earbuds with earmuffs over the top, and while it does work well, it is very inconvenient taking them off and on and not as comfortable as the Vic Firths.