Buddy Rich playing match grip


😬 Oo-- I was thinking more like, "I like the way I can get around the drums, and roll, with traditional grip." Mel Lewis is another one who thinks matched grip is BS and you'll never swing if you play matched grip. I just take it as an invitation to think about what he's saying, I don't take personal offence. Still I play matched grip 99% of the time.
Mel also called Steve Gadd a "stupid man"
Doesn't mean Mel doesn't swing his ass off
If I cared about peoples opinions I'd have less than the 3 friends I have now


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The second clips enters in contradiction with the first. Seems to me....:rolleyes:

Besides this...it's unbelievable Vinnie Colaiuta's traditional grip power and endurance. I myself began in my early drumming days with traditional grip, dazzled as a teen by himself, Weckl, Gadd et al. Some years later shifted to match grip (watch some gospel drummers...).

I did not return to tradional ever again.

Everyone must use the things that make him/her confident.
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