Buddy Rich playing Fibes drums


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Nice catch by the lead trumpet at the 5:05 mark. That looks like one shakey drum riser.


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I forgot if the ..the bass drums were 24 or 26.I'm pretty sure the drums were 24/13/16/16/14 snare.That was his standard set up after leaving WFL.Donn Bennett has the kit on his website,and its for sale for around 20K I believe.

Nice if you have the disposeable income.:)

Steve B


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Ha! That was a great catch by the lead trumpet! and a little smile between him and Buddy. That Fibes kit does sound good.

Bo Eder

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That kit looks like a 14x24 bass drum with a 9x13 tom. Floor toms would be stock 16x16.
I've seen enough of the 9x13 to know it by sight, and the size of bass drum is just a proportional issue. If the tom were on a 26, it would appear alot smaller.