Buddy Rich on Double Bass


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If this has been posted before I apologize. I used the search function and didn't see it.

Here's a youtube clip I found of a short solo Buddy Rich played on double bass drums. No other drums. The clip's description explains why. It's just audio, but there are a couple pics of him sitting at the two basses.



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I just commented on that video on YT.
I find it pretty impressive! Even more considering it's a recording from 1949.
The man has serious foot control. Seems he didn't have specific practice on double bass playing but as for the speed, control and last but not least creative interesting flavours with it, that was a great performance.

Thanks for sharing! If that video has already been posted and someone remembers the respective thread - please tell us so the new posts could be moved accordingly (provided that makes sense, depending on that thread).

Derek Roddy

Well, Buddy was a tap dancer.

Hey.... he played a little bit of Bleed by Meshuggah.




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Yep double bass in 49,and Louis Bellson started doing it in 45.There's a pic if I can Find it of Louis playing a custom Gretsch kit with two 20x20 bass drums in 47.

The young ones think double bass is something new.Not so,and Bellson is acknowledged as the father of double bass.:)

Steve B
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It is a different take on double bass compared to what is normally heard these days. Legend has it that Buddy was tired of all the press that Louie was getting with his double bass setup. So, Buddy asked for a second bass drum for this show and played it that night with little to no playing. Believe what u will.... ;-)

He also had said something to the effect of, I can play double bass drums, but I would rather have my left foot playing the high hat.



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The young one think double bass is something new.Not so,and Bellson is acknowledged as the father of double bass.:)
Steve B
But Lombardo is the godfather : )
As for the audio- sorry but not even the greatest drummer who ever lived could make this sound interesting for me (maybe I just don't "get it").
Although to be fair, making a great drum solo using just bass drums is a tall order for anyone....


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As has been pointed out here already, it's the tap-dancing that comes through. It really is a great folk-lore story that just adds to the legend of Buddy.