Bud Gaugh


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Anyone love this guy's drumming like I do?
Ex-drummer from Sublime and Long Beach Dub All Stars.
Not the most technique, pretty much stuck to a few grooves,
but damn what a pocket. The self titled Sublime album was one
of my early drumming bibles(not just great drumming but song writing
and production), and to this day I can always put it on and smile.
But no one seems to talk about him! I seem to remember he had a page
on drummerworld but its not there anymore. Anyway, just thought I'd see what
y'all feel about him...


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I freakin' love bud gaughs drumming, the way he changes from ska/reggae drumming to punk rock drumming at the drop of a hat. His timing is near PERFECT and his right hand has some crazy endurance for sure!


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Hey ten years in the future. Just picked up on this thread. Anybody possibly know his snare or kit used during Sublime years. I know he's used Yamaha lately for everything but snare and timbale. Just wondering?