Bud Gaugh/Sublime Chestcam!


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Not a problem. There is another one of him doing Under My Voodoo but I don't have the link anymore. It should be in the related videos of the one I posted originally though.


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I saw Sublime with Rome when they played at the Palo Alto Amphitheater. They were kinda mediocre, but I don't think I cared too much due to nostalgic purposes. (and a few other things that will not be mentioned on this forum.)

Bud is a good drummer though, always been one of my favorites. As far as ska goes, its a requirement for them to have great groove, and timing in my opinion. I always thought that Real Big Fish, and Slightly Stoopid had some awesome drummers. They shouldn't really be listed next to each other though cause those two have such different styles haha.