Bucket Drumming on Stage!!


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Hey Everybody,

I had a really cool thing happen to me the other day. I'm currently backpacking in Australia, picking fruit for work and living at a youth hostel. The money is tight, so I've been going busking (street performing) with buckets to make a little extra cash. On my second day out, these two ladies who are well connected in the local music scene in these little town, approached and complimented me on my playing, saying I have 'soul.' They said they could introduce to a local guitarist who was performing that night a popular night club in town. I went and met him, played for him a bit, and he told me to come back that night, and join him onstage for a couple of songs! It was so amazingly fun. I got someone to videotape a little of it, and here it is. It's us doing a bit of Bob Marley's "Three Little Birds." I do a straight latin-type beat to it, as a opposed to a swung reggae. I find latin playing on buckets way more fun, but I'm still trying to get used to it, and want to get really good at it. There is a busking competition here in Bundaberg (Queensland) where you can win $1,000 dollars! That would allow me to stop working, and go travel. Got to start practicing these buckets! I love them. So fun. Thanks.




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Wonderful! You do indeed have "soul". Better drum sound than many I've heard too. Good luck on your journey.


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wonderful, I love these things especially because they remind me that without spending millions of dollars to be happy and make others happy by making good music or perhaps the most important thing is not the people?, congratulations, a barrel of beer sounds great!,so i give you 5 stars bro, -- )

my video if you like to see:
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Thank you both. Those are wonderful comments, and I appreciate them. Hopefully I get to play again tonight, as it is Thursday, and he performs weekly on Thursday nights. To be honest, I miss the drumset. Everytime I see someone play, I salivate. Not really, but almost. It's just an honor to perform though in front of people, even on the buckets, especially since he invited me up to play and he doesn't have to have me up there at all. I don't get paid, and don't expect to, nor care. It's just fun to play in front of my peers, not to mention I get to drink for free, and hopefully it gives me an 'in' with the ladies afterwards. I didn't have any luck last week, but maybe this week, if I play.

Rodaquino, you're video is sick. You have soul my man. Great groove, feel... the whole nine yards. I'd love to see you solo.



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hell man, you play better on those three buckets than many do on 8 pc kits! you definitley have soul, not to mention some groove in the blood as well, i sit here at home with my 9-5 job and bills to play and i'm envious of your freedom to journey the outback, what a great experience Australia must be - thanks for sharing and good luck down under!