Buck County Drums..


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Does anyone have a kit??Custom drum maker near me.Keller Maple shells. shells kits look sweet not cheap.Have a chance to grab a used kit made in 07 5 drums for half what was paid Very tempting..Thoughts ??????


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Depends on how much half of what he paid is. They're near me too.

I played in a 2 drummer thing and the other guy used the house kit which was the Bucks County Drums. I didn't like the way they were headed, tuned and muffled, but you can't judge a drumset by that. If it's a Keller shell...no problems there. How much do YOU like it?


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Im digging them alot.He paid 2700 when he ordered them.......so im looking in the neighbor hood of $1500.00 for them......Its not like i NEED them.but been lurking for another kit,and i have a Custom Kit Itch for some crazy reason........instead of a DW Or a Nice Tama...Want something pro level not Yamaha as i have that covered............I Guess im asking Pros,cons to doing Custom.....Thanks.....


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Custom drums rarely get much on resale, and you may want to take advantage of that. If you pay $1500, you will never get that back. I'd offer $900 and see what he says. If he balks, go to $1000. If you really really really love the drums, go to $1100. Value and resale depend largely on the brand name (or possible celebrity pedigree), not the sound or craftsmanship. The only exceptions would be Craviotto, and maybe a more established brand like Pork Pie. Stuff from SJC, Shine, Allegra, Medicine Man, Smith, Truth etc etc it's a long list... possess far less value when the owner goes to sell them.

Again, nothing to do with sound or quality, it's all about what the brand is worth to the buyer when the owner considers selling them down the line (and most drummers do sell their gear at some point, just like your guy is selling his.)

Some of the major brands suffer a bit on resale, but not to the degree that the boutique companies do. Of course, vintage is another matter, and Ludwig, Gretsch, Rogers and Camco are the kings of high resale. What about the vintage custom brands? To soon to tell, because there aren't any yet! We'll see in about 20 years if anyone is clamoring for Montineri, Spaun, GMS, Phattie, Ford, etc.

Just making sure you consider the long-term before spending the money. :)



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The drummer that replaced me when I left my last full-time gig has two Bucks County kits. They are decent, well made drums, and he likes them a lot.

That said, I wouldn't pay $1500 for a used 5 piece.

To me, it would be worthwhile to order from a company like Bucks County if you wanted something special that the major makers don't offer, like special bearing edges or unusual shell sizes. But to buy a used set like this isn't even "custom" to my way of thinking - they haven't been customized FOR YOU. They are merely from a small builder. As Bermuda pointed out, that usually works against the resale value.

So, I guess I wouldn't do it for more than $900-$1000. For that, you'd be getting decent quality drums, if you like the sizes and configuration of this kit.


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Thank You Guys Your words and points are well taken...I will start at the 900.00 mark and see what happens.


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We are at 1100.00 i love them so im going to get them within the next few days i will post pics....thanks for all the replys!


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Thanks guys...... grabbing them Saturday picx to follow, red broken glass with a silver glitter inlay the pics look so sweet .......6 ply Keller Maple.Snare is 8 ply with 45 bearing edge..Yea defiantly scratched my custom drum itch...im optimistic these things are going to sing...hope im right.......i was so on the fence about it.....could have played it safe with a Renown that i had my eyes on ....but..........never know unless ya try.....