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I play a bit of jazz with brushes, but mine are starting to get a bit worn out. I'm wondering which brushes you guys would recommend or any experience you have with them. Currently I'm looking at a few brushes:

Vic Firth Steve Gadd Wire Brushes
Vic Firth Heritage Brushes
Vater Retractable Wiretap Brushes
Promark Telescopic Wire General/Jazz/Classic/Nylon Brushes

What do you guys think about these? Do you have any experience or recommendations? Anything else I should look at? Cheers.
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Matt Bo Eder

No love for Regal Tip? I've played the black rubber coated retractable Regal Tip brushes all my life and see no need to try another - everybody else is trying to cop what Regal Tip already did back in the day.

Odd-Arne Oseberg

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I think brushes are like sticks. We have favourites and things we are used to, it depends on the music we play, but at the same time there are a lot of options.

Don't see much Vater or Pro Mark around here.

I couldn't really get by with one type of brush. they have so many uses and used in a more modern fashion or more stick type fashion you need the right brush, rod or stick/rod hybrid for the job.

Heritage brushes are really thin and light, so that's what you get there.

The Gadd brushes do their thing because of the little bend at the end. Just more contact or keeps them from sticking, depends on how you hold them. Many people used to do that to their brushes themselves anyway.

The new split brushes do what they're made to do. They even out the sweep and tap sounds, they also have both thick wires and weigh about twice as much as other brushes. They make sweeps a viable rhythmic thing in a modern contexts.

Then as Bo said, there's Regal Tip, the old standard choice of the pros and they are also the ones making the sig brushes of the "brushmeisters."

Today you can even get the original fly swatter style from BrushFire Brushes.


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I use the stiff white Vic Firth Jazz brushes. The hard plastic shafts give a punchy rim shot and enable me to get pretty loud when needed. I don't play jazz though...


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No love for Regal Tip? I've played the black rubber coated retractable Regal Tip brushes all my life and see no need to try another - everybody else is trying to cop what Regal Tip already did back in the day.
Cheers Bo, they don't really have Regal Tip stuff where I live so I'd have to buy it off Amazon or something. That's why I'm looking at the ones I listed which are actually sold here.

Wave Deckel

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Can't go wrong with RegalTip. All of my brushes and rods are made by them (my main stick, too, btw.). Superb stuff. The John Jr. Robinson brushes are IMO very nice.

chris J

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Vic Firth Split Wire brushes have a lighter, sound to them.
the Vic Firth Steve Gadd brushes are a darker sounding brush.
the basic Vic Firth Wire brushes sound the most like a basic wire brush.
I also have a pair of old Pro Mark nylon brushes, they are very soft and quiet, haven't used them for a while, not a big fan.


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I found the Vater Wire Tap brushes to be a bit heavy for my liking. I use the Regal Tip Ed Thigpen brushes and really like them.


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The old Regal Tips are still my favorites. I do use VF standard Wire Brush (the white ones) when I want to catch some rim, like on a train beat where there is a backbeat of some kind. The harder plastic on those works well for that.


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I play a LOT of brushes. My main gigs are a Big Band and a Jazz Quintet and Acoustic Pop/Rock trio.

The brushes I use are listed below :
Regal Tip Clayton Cameron -non- retractable I love the extra length
Regal Tip XL - wood handle , non- retractable great feeling brush
Regal Tip Jeff Hamilton -retractable thicker wire strands - louder swish sound and tap.
Regal Tip Ed Thigpen - great feeling classic retractable brush, nice hybrid wood/rubber handle.
Headhunters Dreamcatchers - just started using these - they have a plastic loop that assists with getting extra sounds out of the brush taps and sweeps.

I also own the Steve Gadd brushes as well as Regal Tip Yllow jackets but I prefer the previous listed models to these.