Brushes with Yamaha e-kit


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I have a Yamaha DTX502 and would like to get some brushes to play on em.

I looked through the manual but couldn’t find anything on it so I’m wondering can I play brushes in these?
Nylon/plastic of course.
When I had my Roland TD-15 a few years back, I tried with nylon brushes, but that didn’t work out.
Now with a TD-30, I’ve not tried, mainly because I forgot about it and really can’t think of when I would use it.
Putting aside the issue of brushes snagging on mesh, I just can't see the action of brushes sweeping across the head being enough to activate the trigger. I haven't tried on either of my ekits because I only have metal brushes and I don't want to ruin my mesh heads. In a pinch I've been able to make songs calling for simple brush playing work on a ekit by doing continuous soft buzz rolls and accents.