Brushes on electronic drums - cirle moovement


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does anyome know exactly, if new roland drumms as TD-30 support circle nylon brush movements or still react only to beats and using sound samle library of brushes..?


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Nope, there's no way you could get any electronic module I know of to mimic a friction-based brush sound. The heads being mesh, they're especially unprepared for that! They should have presets for individual brush hits though.

Matt Bo Eder

My old Roland R5 drum machine had a button for the swish sound, and a button for the hit sound. I would assign each one to a pad on my Octapad, and that's how I'd play brushes electronically. The V-Drum technology hasn't reached the point where you could swish on the pad, yet. Maybe one day they will, but that seems like a technological brick wall.