Broken wrist, ideas on what to practice?


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Hey guys, I would be really grateful for some ideas/inspiration to get me through my current situation -

Unfortunately, I fell off my push bike on Monday and fractured and dislocated my scaphoid wrist bone in my left arm (I'm right handed). Doc says at least 10 weeks in a cast and possibly surgery. After the initial shock and dent in my pride, my thoughts went to drumming one handed- how to play in my band, how to practice, what to practice. Obviously I am also worried about the left wrist healing, but I'm trying to focus on the positive! Right now I'm just resting it as much as possible.

I've had a look into Rick Allen (Def Leppard) but I can't see myself investing in an array of pedals and trigger pads just for the coming months. Our rock band has nothing booked, but we were just starting to get tight, and now this! So rather than modifying my kit, I'd rather modify my playing.

I have had a play on the E-kit and I seem to be able to modify my parts to fit the songs. Obviously no more ripping up and down toms, it's more like a slow bimble along them now. And the beats don't sound the same, but I can still function in keeping time :)

So, my thoughts for the moment to practice in order to 'make up' for hat I have lost-

1. Double bass - beats, fills, rudiments on the feet, rudiments and doubles between hand and feet
2.Hi hat splashes (in fact I need to learn how to do these! hadn't got round to it yet) to help make a beat. Hi hat chick in general.
3. finger control on my right hand. Prior to the accident all of my motion was wrist based. Now that my right hand is alone I realise how amazingly lacking it is in finesse, and how my fingers could help get those extra notes out
4. other techniques? I have seen Benny Greb hitting his hi hat and snare with one stick at the same time.
5. Other styles of drumming/playing? I'm a rock/metal drummer. I'd love to explore some other styles, maybe jazz, latin, world music/beats. Anyone suggest a place to start? Lot's of feet work please
6. Linear beats?

I'd love everyones input!


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Sorry to hear about L wrist, sounds bad. But you seem to have such a great attitude to focus on the positives and practice what you can.

You already have a good list of ideas. I was going to suggest LF - RH rudiments practice, but looks like you've already thought of this.
Other thoughts include:
- More complex subdivisions/transitions - going from straight quarter notes, 8ths, or 16th notes to quarter, 8th, 16th triplets and back with RF-LF or RH-RF.
- Foot patterns for different styles + RH (I'm hearing good things about Tommy Igoe's groove essentials).
- creating/writing new grooves and solos/arrangements to play when your LH heals (for example using iPad app called Reflow, which is great to notate and play back music.)

Good luck.
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Cheers WaitForItDrummer!

In terms of positivity, it has been a while coming. I spent most of this week feeling down/frustrated but today, I've actually enjoyed playing, and enjoyed the challenges!

I have checked out some of the groove essentials bits on youtube and I'm loving it! The songo beat is great, as it's almost entirely linear, so I can play the whole thing with just one hand :). Thats the first non-rock/metal beat I have learned, and also my first time seeing Tommy Igoe. He's great.

Some annoying news is that I've just found out that my RH wrist is a little weaker than usual, so I think I must have sprained that also...I will stick with just feet for now while that heals!


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Don't know your age but this will make a difference in healing time, with or without surgery. It will also affect your joint in the years to come. If it were me, I would give the wrist complete rest for the 10 or so weeks so as not to aggrivate anything, and practice what you can with the parts that work. The amount of force exerted on the wrist when playing is emmence, so I would nbot cheat. Good luck.


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Practice not breaking your wrists. Trust me, in the long run, this will have tremendous benefits to your drumming.

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Practice some Def Leppard

Seriously, if you play double kicks, you can do decent one armed solo stuff. Work on that until you recover. I'm trying to work out a solo segment where I can do one hand, two foot triplets while texting or talking on the phone with my free hand. Well....I'm not really trying, but I've fooled around with it.


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About four years ago I broke my right wrist (right handed) rollerblading at the skatepark. Had to have two major surgeries, pins etc. I stuffed it up big time. Shameful as I am usually pretty good...but I digress. I just did everything left handed, and tried to get my feet over and above what I did previously. I only missed 2 gigs in 7 weeks (replacement), usually at least a gig a week. Boy did my left hand get better.

Just look at it as an opportunity to work on your playing. Focus on what you can do and groove with it. If the stuff sounds different, figure out why it does, and fix it. Only good stuff can come from this, mate.


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Thanks everyone for posting.

Yea I feel like an idiot doing this injury to myself, but I'm 25 and managed to get this far without breaking anything. With six years of cycling everywhere I go I guess it was inevitable.

To GuntersDad- I'm definitely gonna leave the LH completely out. I have it in a sling while I'm playing. I don't want this to last any longer than it needs to.

I'm definitely seeing this as a challenge now, Sonnygrabber. I can feel my right hand is improving in terms of dynamics already :)