Broken snare lug


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I have a Pearl Limited Edition 14x8, and one of the lugs has broken. You can see it in the picture. This is the one across from the rimshot. I don’t tune it unreasonably tight. I have had absolutely no luck finding this lug on the internet. Does it look familiar to anyone? How do I go about tracking one down?589C15B4-AEEE-4562-8A88-7F0887A3BC12.jpegCB02F7CC-2370-4300-990B-88F67C63A07E.jpeg


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Or am I in better shape to just buy a whole new set that match? I don’t really want a oddball.

I broke a lug in the same spot 2x on my old Tama hyper drive snare.

Thankfully I was able to order the lugs from Tama (or eBay).

Have you searched eBay or reverb?


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Have you contacted Pearl, or your local Pearl dealer? They should be Ble to get you one, or at least the part number so you can look into other sources for it.


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I found nothing on Reverb. I did just find the contact information on Pearl’s website and will send them a message.


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$15 a pop. Yikes.