Broken Cymbals - What Can Do?


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Man I've key holed a few cymbals but never a crack in 53 years. I did drop one and warp it though. Funny just try to drill a hole or bang on a good cymbal with a hammer and they seem indestructible.


Just hit softer for fuck sake!...I mean look how high you get your hands up, also you are putting way too much force into your strokes!

Work on your hand technique and you will see a difference in your cymbals lifespans!


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Yep...a glancing blow will avoid cracking. When I was in my later 20's, a drumming friend of mine back then would crack cymbals at times. This guy was a metal head and banged those suckers dead on vertically with insane force. It was amazing to me he didn't destroy more cymbals than he did.