broken bass drum hoop


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some muppet dropped my starclassic bass drum at a gig the other week and i noticed the hoop cracked... so i need to replace it. i've talked to my local shop and it looks like they're going to quote me somewhere around $100~$150 (which i think is rediculous!).

does anyone know any websites that i can find a plain gloss black painted 22" bass drum hoop?

here's a picture of the crack:


john gerrard

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Try Casio Music. I just had the same thing happen to me. A word of caution. If the drop was hard enough to crack the rim like that be sure to inspect the inside of the drum in the area that the hoop was broken. I hate to say it but chances are the drum will also be damaged. Good luck John


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Just fix it. See on the beater side of mine, the Sonor name plate? Still in the hard shell case, it fell off the back of the trailer, broke clean through. I filled the break with wood glue, drilled four micro holes so the screws would not further split the hoop, it has held over a year now.


Bo Eder

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Yes. It can be fixed. The guys at Pro Drum in Hollywood are amazingly good at fixing 'em. However, since yours is gloss black, I've seen some nice third party gloss black hoops for sale, as Bob said, for $60. Unless you attempt to fix it yourself, a competent shop will probably charge close to the same price to fix it.

Question: why were muppets moving your gear in the first place? I only allow trusted humans to move my stuff!


I would just order a new one from Tama to keep everything stock. Did you check how much they wanted.


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i can usually trust friends to move gear, but obviously ill be moving my own gear now...

i went to a shop near my workplace who make hoops, they said something about re-glueing it together, however i feel that i should just fully replace it.

i havn't gotten a direct quote back from tama, just a rough estimate.

i've checked the inside of my drum, and all around where it was dropped, thankfully there's no crack in the actual drum. it was dropped on a claw and broke underneath it.

thanks guys ill see what i can do.