Broke it!


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Welp, never had this happen before in 20+ years. Played a show yesterday, and through my in-ears...halfway through the first song...I heard the pitch of the snare change (dramatically).

Looked down and saw this floppin' around on my 20 ply, 6 x 14" Maryland DC snare.

Now...even worse, is that, apparently Maryland Drum Company...isn't a company anymore. I found a thread with an email address for the former owner (supposedly) and sent an email to see if there is a way I can acquire replacement lug casings...but it's not looking very promising.

Any ideas?



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You could replace it with an ocdp lug, which looks different, but unless you're up close, you can't tell.

Les Ismore

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It looks like the lug got dinged near the bottom.

Before you make a move, best to strip the drum and check all the lugs, real good chance others are close to failure.

You don't want to order (possibly wait who knows how long), get it back together, then pop another lug in a week.


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Yep, I inspected the other lug casings and there is one more that looks like it might be cracking in the same spot.

I checked that website out and didn't see anything that was a direct replacement. I guess if I truly had to, I could replace all the casings with a different long as the mount holes are the same distance apart. I'd sure hate to have to go through all that though.


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I got emails back from Keith who is now running Baltimore Drum Company. He is getting me exact replacments...$4 a lug. Just have to wait for them to come in. I asked for 5 of them...just in case.


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I had the same problem with a 6x14" Opus snare. Lucky me they are double ended "bowtie" snare lugs which can be had from any of the DIY suppliers out there. I'm thinking tube lugs for the whole drum, however, as I think they will be more durable and it certainly won't hurt the appearance of the drum!

I don't know if Opus is still making drums either. It doesn't really matter anyhow, I have learned a thing or two about making drums since then.