Brisbane: Clean Up Status and Concerns


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This thread goes out to my Australian DW friends.

My daughter is in her third year at college and is scheduled to leave for Brisbane in a few weeks. As her second semester, study abroad term approaches, naturally we have been tracking the conditions in Brisbane since the flooding.

My heart goes out to everyone effected in Queensland.

I know many of you are in Sydney, Melbourne and other cities (not Brisbane) from your location status in thread posts. Some of you don't list your locations..

.. so I need a little information and advice.

We don't know anyone there and the school hasn't replied with any useful information as to whether my daughter should reconsider going to Brisbane.

Today we will find out if the apartment building that she has secured an apartment in has been damaged from the flood.

What do you guys think? Should she still go or is Brisbane going to be a disaster for months?

Ultimately this will be her choice and regardless of what's going on there, she would certainly have a unique experience.

My wife and I are concerned and considering suggesting to her that she not go but before we talk to her about it, I could use any feedback you might have.