Brian Tichy

Well I didnt see any threads on Tichy. He's currently behind the kit in Whitesnake, he plays on their latest record Forevermore, and does a fantastic job, especially on the tracks, Steal Your Heart Away, My Evil Ways and Dogs In The Street. He also was a major part in the Bonzo: The Groove Remains The Same, he was one of the key organizers and the first performer, playing Immigrant Song. In my opinion hes one of the best rock drummers out there today, opinions?


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I remember the first time I saw hm play. I went to Ozzfest, and I had no idea Ozzy had a different drummer for this one summer tour. Brian blew me away.

I've since seen him at the Randy Castillo memorial and at The Groove Remains the Same.

He IS the best pure ROCK drummer out there now. It is amazing how hard he hits, with such authority, with great chops and feel as well.

And the sick thing is he is a really good guitar player as well, and not a bad singer. For a while he was fronting his own band.


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I saw Brian play with "Lynch Mob" in the summer of 2010 I was very impressed.He played a Ddrum vista kit in Bonham sizes. He hits real hard and is a very solid drummer. He was wearing a Keith Moon Tee Shirt which I thought was cool. I have not seen or heard him with Whitesnake yet. He seems to be very in demand. He has big shoes to fill being the drummer in Whitesnake. Paice, Cozy,Dunbar, Tommy Aldridge were all Monster players in their own right.


I saw him play with Sass Jordan in 1994 and Slash in 1995. He is a really good, solid and tasteful rock drummer indeed.

Being an old WS fan, I must say that I find it somewhat difficult to connect with their music since they went all American and lost their blues roots along the way. The more metal sound they adopted since 1987 is less my cup of tea than the great blues influenced rock they played with the original band.

I've seen them with Chris Frazier in 2008 and must say that Chris did not fit the band's style IMHO. Tichy is probably more at home as I feel he understands the blues better than Chris.

"Forevermore" is not an amazing album as the songs are not that strong. In my views, "Good To Be Bad" had better songs on it. However, Tichy's drumming saves the day.

I will definitively check out S.U.N as I am a huge Sass Jordan fan.
the speed bag stuff he does are awesome, he played on vh1 classics that metal show with the speed bag it was wicked.