Brass with wood lugs, live video


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Clip of my kit using my home built Brass snare and my re done masterworks frankenkit. Nice laid back tune, no drumming heroism. Just proud of the ballsy bottom heavy snare sound and the Kickbutt rim click. The snare has an Aquarian focus head, wide open. Camera is 20 feet behind the PA, so it is mostly acoustic you will hear.


I hope the photobucket link works OK, Youtube takes so long to load. But I can do that if this is inferior. Thanks for watching.



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Sounds very full, loud, and responsive. It also helps that you're a great player!


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That is one fat sounding snare,and the rim clicks are really sweet with lots of cut..Nice job.Those die cast rims really focus the sound.

Ohhh.....and the music and playing are great too.:)

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Very cool snare, I enjoyed the rim click too, and nice playing, I like these upbeat accents, loved the song too :)