Brass snare thoughts?

Push pull stroke

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I have two copper Oriollos, a cast Crush copper piccolo, and a cast Worldmax copper. They are definitely my favorite metal drums

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lots of good experience out there and comments - thanks as usual.

Yes my heart was set on a 5.5-6.5x14 brass, and I think I prefer the higher ping on brass, but gonna give this seamless copper a go (again mostly due to price)...will report back in a couple weeks. I do believe its gonna be darker and have a diff metallic ring - we'll see...

But I gotta say, my original posted video of Carter McClane 5.5x14 pioneer brass snare, sounds so good, that's what made me even bother looking into the whole brass thing in the first place. Then doing research suggested seamless would be best, whatever the metal, though I know tons of you have seamed brass snares and they are "wunderbar" too.


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I don't have any experience with an all-copper shell snare, but I've owned and played several bronze shelled snares, both seamed and seamless. I've always found that a simple 1-ply head is best to get the most shell tone out of a bronze snare. I'd imagine, with a copper shell supposedly even darker-sounding, that it would be even more appropriate to go with single ply.

I like 2-ply batters on most of my snares, but the bronze drums always fought me until I went back to single ply.

Just thought I'd throw that out there, especially if you have a hard time getting that "ping" you're looking for to ring out on your new drum.


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Dunnett 2N brass.

A seam never sounded so good.

Honestly, seam or seamless, it all seems the same to me.

I love brass, it does it all.

Thin head for Ring, thick for Pah.

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Just received and had a play with the Q Drums seamless Copper 5.5x14, 8 lugs...very nice - medium but very solid weight (similar to my DW snares), excellent hardware, sound is pure and tight (got it tuned to an "A"), though because of the REMO Controlled sound head which Q likes to put on, doesn't have enough "ring" for me, so REMO ambassador may be the ticket there

Snare beds are hand-filed, seem ok

I think I got a good deal from a Guitar center - $500 for perfectly new-looking mint Q Drum snare - might go for $800 new?

SO, I can say the build quality and sound are just as good as any of my other DW's - I also own a Noble&Cooley, Yamaha, Pearl, TAMA snares, and I'd say this Q Drums Copper snare is just as good as any.

The snare wires are un-branded, so am wondering if it's their own, anybody know? They seem OK, but may try PureSounds later...if so, would blasters or brass or steel be best wires for this copper snare? Prefer pop, crack and slight ring for sound


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Ludwig is surely a famous name and sounds really good. I don't like their hardware. Especially their throw offs.
Oriollo is still very young but people tend to prise them.
I've tried some of their snares and I can't spot any con. Seamless as you like.
My friend even bought a Phantom which is aluminum. He played more than 100 gigs with it for sure. He says that he never had a problem with it.