Brass and Wood build


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I put this together finally last night. It started life as a custom brass shell aqiired from mcKenzie drums. I made the lugs out of rock maple. The lug threads are aluminum solid stock which I drilled and tapped. The hardware, hoops and throw off were powder coated with a custom mix. The shell was then polished using progressive grits of wet sandpaper, 320-600-800-1000-1500-2000 and power buffed using Meguairs fine cut cleaner. Then I masked the graphics and sand blasted the pattern and sealed with a light coat of clear laquer. Hope you all appreciate the time and effort, not your average assembly job.



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Wow, that's some work right there. I love the shell graphics, beautifully done :) The maple lugs are a cool & very distinctive addition too, & a lot of work in themselves. You've certainly created a unique instrument, & I hope you're proud of the end result. I know I would be. Any impressions of how she sounds? Even better, a sound clip?


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Thank you kindly Andy. I lost track of the hours I spent. The shell had to be done twice. First go I had just a band of the triangles around it. I used a powder coat clear and it fogged in a couple spots, so I sanded it down completly, the graphics became just a shadow, so I had to re mask exactly around them, do all the polishing again. Creating the hexagonal holes for the lug tubes was another blister maker. took a few hours over 3 nights, with a micro file, broke about 10 files in the process. Then the tubes are a result of second time around. The first go was not drilled 100% straight, so I had to build a jig to hold them as close to upright and in line with my drill press. Now they line up perfectly, since there is zero give like in a spring loaded lug, the holes have to line up exact, and they do. No splay.

See here the mounting screws are pressed into the lug, should be durable

Here is a shot of drilling the lugs. My drill press does not have enough travel to go right through, so I had to drill half way through, then flip the lug and finish from the other side, much like the english channel tunnel, no room for error.



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That is a killer looking drum sir. So killer in fact, it should get you bitches...droves of bitches.


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Thanks Jofizz, but the drum has no bank account, that is what gets the chicks isnt it?
Then again, it aint the size of the drum its how you work the stick.


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That is a killer looking drum sir. So killer in fact, it should get you bitches...droves of bitches.
Firstly they are women and what you referenced is usually a name for a female dog! we have a number of women on this forum so show some respect! as an FYI foul language is not tolerated on the forum.

To the OP where did you come up with the idea? nice looking drum, I can tell you have countless hours in on that! Very creative.


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Wow. I saw the other thread where you were starting this project. That sandblasting artwork is sweet! What a unique instrument. The part about having to line up the lugs perfectly stresses me out just reading it.

I love seeing such daunting commitment to a project especially when it turns out so nicely.

Congrats. I agree, that is a drum worth being proud of...even if you didn't make it. But you made it yourself. Awesome.


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Nice workmanship/ craftsmanship, excellent work. I would like to be able to express myself better to convey how much I envy your talents.