brand new td-17kvx with boom arms


so recently i thought about getting a brand new td-17kvx (payment in 60 installments 0%), however it comes with 4-kvx rack, not mds-compact - afaik boom arms from td-17 series were removed shortly after launching in 2018 - thus that "new" set might have 3 years actually. should i be worried about it?
I have a kvx all with straight arms. Absolutely no problems at all with them. Fantastic kit :)
Is it new in box or a kit that's been on the floor for 3 years getting beat on by every other person walking in the store? Some stores would probably still consider that new. That would be my only concern about NOS.
Afaik the rack and the kit are separate packages, not sure if they’re paired. I'd be more concerned about the reputation of that store. You could give them a call and ask. Or go somewhere else and buy boom arms from ebay.