Brand new kit!!! PDP FS Birch


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Hi everybody! Well, just wanted to share my new purchase with you all! :D

I wasn't even thinking about getting a new kit, but a local music store was getting rid of old stocks, or needed money, or are going out of business or I don't know what, but they started offering this ridiculous discounts.. I got this kit for 60% less than the list price!!!!!!! 60 percent!!! Talk about a deal!!! :D

So anyway, here it is, a PDP FS, 100% birch shells, 22"x18", 10"x8", 12"x9", 14"x12" with snare and full hardware pack.

I was never much of a pdp fan (still aren't), but as I was assembling the kit today, I was amazed at the build quality of this drums. They come really well packed, the finish is very appealing and all the bearing edges are nice and smooth.

The hardware is kinda flimsy, though. Much worse than my Mapex. And the heads don't look so good either, but hey, for the price, I can't complain. :)

Haven't played them yet, tomorrow I'll be getting some new quality heads and I'll tell you later how they sound.

Anyway, that's it, I hope you like them, cheers!! :)



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I'm really digging that matte finish. Very nice looking kt there.

Like my grandpa used to say "Que chulada!"

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Really nice looking drums you have there, and like the other members so far, I like the finish...


Don't forget to post your comments regarding the sounds of the drums.

Happy drumming mate!


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Thanks a lot, guys!!! I really appreciate your comments. :)

Just got from the music store, got myself some Clear G2's for the toms and a Coated G1 for the snare. Resos and bass drum heads will have to wait 'til next month.. drumheads aren't exactly cheap you know!!

As soon as I can tune 'em and play a bit I'll be posting my thoughts.

Loving the finish! And, I'm just curious, how much did they cost you?
Like they say here in Peru, "Te ganaste" ;)
Muchas gracias, amigo! ;) hehe.

Everything is much more expensive here than in the US. This kit retails for $1.375... I got it for $550!!!!! :D Hehe.



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Muchas gracias, amigo! ;) hehe.

Everything is much more expensive here than in the US. This kit retails for $1.375... I got it for $550!!!!! :D Hehe.

Yes, same here in Peru :( also. there are some brands that aren't distributed, and since there's only one big official music shop, it sells it's products way over priced... But ahh anyways, congrats on the kit, very classy, I bet it sounds great with the new heads :)

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I allways liked the small simple sets. You have to use imaggination to come up with great fill that keeps being different, and that's some of the best training i reckon.

Now all you need is some good solid hardware. Tama roadpro for example.

How's the ressonance?


I take it he did not like the sound of em?? Local Bestbuy here is trying to dump a floor demo model for $400 and it needs new heads in a major way.. I was going to try to haggle em down to $300 or let me pick out new heads all the way around. I need a 2nd practice/gigging kit.


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Congrats on the new kit!! Its always so exciting to get some new digs! Thanks for showing it to us! While ALL drums are subject to great debate, I agree wiht you that PDP does offer great value.

Hope for some more pics soon!


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What is it about the hardware you find cheap? The lugs? The tom tree? Rims?
I use that same kit for gigging, mine's more of a red tint to it. Are the stands flimsy?

I suppose the one holding the 14 tom might wobble. I found the tom mounts on the bass drum were pretty solid. 1 less stand to carry...