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When a famous drummer endorses a brand of drums, what is the typical deal they get? Is it one free drum set?, or all the drums they want?, or just a discount off the price?, or is it totally different depending on how famous they are? Is it different with every brand? What is the typical deal a famous drummer gets for endorsing & playing a drum brand (like Gretsch, Ludwig, Sonor, DW, Tama, Pearl, etc.)??? Thanks. - Not sure of where to post this question.

Bo Eder

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As a nobody, I get a discount on gear. Although when you add it all up, once you take the discount, add the state sales tax, then pay for shipping, I end up paying the regular internet prices everybody else does with free shipping.

just to keep it more vague, I think this is all dependent on how famous you are. The idea is that your likeness helps companies to sell their stuff. I recall a Steve Smith interview where he said with Sonor, he was like a C-list guy in the beginning, where they gave him a discount, and now over the decades, he’s now an A-list guy where stuff is provided for him to play so he just shows up. He most likely now gets regularly paid for his endorsement on top of provided gear.

but even he said you gotta like the product. He plays his brand because he’s always liked it and loyalty in business is good too. Bermuda Schwartz here knows a lot about this and I think even published stuff on endorsements.


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I know that this is probably not the answer you are looking for, but we treat our band like a business, and we have different local companies' names on our banners, trailer, merch, etc. One of our sponsors is a local music store, and supposedly we get a certain dollar amount of free gear from his store; however, the owner is a friend and I can't bring myself to go in there and ask for sticks, heads, etc. Even if it was part of the "deal" he has with our band, I'm just not going to do it. The only thing I would take from him is a t-shirt because that's free advertising for him whenever I go play somewhere.

I got an "offer" by a local drum company to be an "endorser." Basically, if I paid for a kit, he would put me on his website as an endorser. The drums, while custom-made, were really overpriced, so I decided to go another direction. I think that there were several small drum and cymbal companies that had these offers at one time. I don't see them as much as I used to.


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All deals are different. Depends on Company, band, popularity etc etc etc. See above by Bermuda.


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It is my understanding that endorsement deals can vary dramatically. It's a business deal between the artist and the company, and to avoid making other artists jealous, they don't publicize the details of each contract.

Some people get discounts, some get the entire kits, some also get infrastructure like kits shipped to various locations for gigs. A select few probably even get paid, in additional to all the free gear. But you'll never know for sure because they keep that information hush hush.


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Thanks for the plug! :)

I like to be thorough, so I go into a lot of detail in the FAQ, but the basic takeaway is: the player's level of exposure and influence governs the deal.

And that level is judged by the potential company, not the player. If a player has 300 followers on YouTube, they may think they reach a lot of people. But a company isn't going to be impressed with that.

It is my understanding that endorsement deals can vary dramatically

That's true, every company handles artists differently, and those companies often change their policies for new and existing endorsers. Some companies don't have endorsers at all. Others sell product directly and refer to each customer as one of their artists.

And no, it's not cool for artists or companies to talk about the agreements. I have talked with many fellow artists who endorse many companies, and some of them are a little more forthcoming with the details of their endorsement. The consideration given is all over the map, and I'm sometimes surprised at how little - or how much - some of them are getting. Depending who the other player is, I may tell them what my deal is with a given company, but generally, I don't. I'm not even sure that my wife knows what my deals are!

It really does vary dramatically.