Bragging rights- triple threat!

Concrete Pete

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Hey Crew,

As many of you remember, just 2-3 years (or so) ago I couldn't even sing while playing drums without one or the other suffering horribly. For the last year or more, I've been doing lead vox in two of my bands (while drumming), and not only comfortable with it, but have actually started to feel it's just "second nature". True- I'm still getting vocal coaching/lessons to improve (we ALL have room for improvement, folks!) and it's been just killer good.

OK, so most of ya'll remember that I've been playing harp (harmonica) for a few decades, and I finally decided to buy a cheapo neck rack (harp holder) from the local music store for a mere $8. Crap-tastic wire frame, NO padding where the harp goes, no frills, difficult to keep adjusted, and made in some 4th world country. (why would I buy a GOOD one for starters?)

Here's the good part- playing drums, doing lead (and b.u.) vox and playing harp came together so fast and naturally, it was actually SCARY. I did it at home a couple dozen times before "surprising" any of my band mates at formal rehearsals, and then just busted out with it at rehearsals for both my Classic Rock bands. Result? Dropped jaws, wide-eyed stares, funny (and not so funny) comments...

Started out with Sweet Home Alabama, went from there to La Grange, and it even progressed up to Whipping Post. (one of my MOST difficult tunes for drums & vox alone, but I can't do it verbatim)
The last few days, I got Train Train damn near down (Blackfoot) and am trying my best to steal lead guitar parts (solos & stuff) from our guitar players on other tunes. Believe it or not, 2 of my lead guitar players consider that a " make their job easier" kinda thing. Go figger...

I have MP3's I'll post here of me doing the Tx3 stuff, but the couple of vids we have of me doing the same won't be available for a few weeks.
OK, to back off the "bragging rights" thing, I looked all over the web, etc, and haven't yet found a harp playing drummer- HOWEVER----- I gotta admit that the 3-4 months I've been desperately trying to learn how play keyboards has just plain been a crash -n- burn. Seems I have ZERO talent on keyboards, will keep trying for a little while longer, but I gotta face it- seems like (thus far) me on keyboards has been a HUGE failure. Oh, well.

Keep the faith and the beat,
C. P.


"Uncle Larry"
Pete you always were, and continue to be, an inspiration. I was wondering where you've been, haven't seen you around these parts much lately. Good to see you back

Concrete Pete, the worlds first harmonica playing, lead singing, cymbal repairing, drum restoring, all around great guy drummer.

Clips please?


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Hey Pete! I've been wondering where you went; haven't seen you post in a while.

Looking forward to some triple threat clips!


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I've been having a blast doing 3 things at once in my acoustic duo, so I can empathize with that rush and sense of accomplishment! :) In J2, I'm the lead singer, but I also play keys with my hands, and I have several pedals on the floor (elec. kick, snare, & hi-hat pedal that I also use with an Alesis Performance Pad), so I play drums with my feet. Doing all 3 at the same time has become one of the reasons some folks come to see us play.

So, I'm a drummer/singer/keyboard player, but a drummer/singer/harp player? Well, that's just full of awesome!! :)


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You are a nut!
If I had all that together, I'd be a busking fool down in front of the stadium before and after ball games. Seriously. Congrats Mr. Pete, my hat's off to you.

Concrete Pete

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Hey Crew,

Good to be back again.

LarryAce- thanks for the kudos, and back at ya, brother!
D.E.D.- good to see ya again!
Iwantmemoney- the best advice I can give you (which worked for me) is to just not give a hoot, do it anyway, and see where it goes. Sometimes you just have to pursue stuff with a "What The Hell" attitude!
BoEder- dude, I can't afford cardboard, and worse than that- I can't dance, much less break dance- I'd hurt myself bad!
Spreggy- You calling me a NUT? Them's fightin' words- I'm a WEIRDO, not a nut! (wink)

OK, so here's the "Whippin' Post" MP3- it's agonizingly long, (7+ minutes) it's rougher than a chainsaw blade on a railroad spike. My vox, drumming, and harp all went from "bad-to-good and good-to bad" in MANY places.
Just remember- this was done in the "experimental" stages, so it will either get way better or way worse as I progress. Before anyone asks- the tremolo effect on harp was done by tongue, not "fanning"- as my hands were kinda busy- something I'm pretty new at.

All that in mind, here ya go:

C. P.



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Thanks for posting that. Great song. Sounds like you have a fun band to jam with. Your bassist sounds easy to play with too. Don't tell him though. Every time you compliment a bass player somewhere a lead guitarist pops a string. I guess they want everyone's attention back.