Brady Drums ... I'm letting my set go


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Sadly the drum market for high end drums is soft right now. Even more for Boutique brands like your Brady kit. From my experience the magic number for quick sales seems to be less than $2500 . Anything higher will take awhile to sell. Be prepared to wait.
I wonder if this is due to the fact that youtube has shown that a beginners kit mic'd properly can sound almost as good as a high end kit? Combining this with the overall effect of kids being more into ableton than other instruments, it seems mad that anyone except older people with a bit more cash are getting high end kits.


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He has made kits from Tasmanian Blackwood recently, which is slightly softer, lighter and more patterned than jarrah. According to this Youtube clip he chose the wood because of its appearance rather than the tone:
And IMO as soon as you go for look over sound, you've lost what we drummers look for in a kit.
Smooth move, ExLax


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Is Fidock drums still in business? I've always been intrigued with his stuff and almost pulled the trigger a few years ago. Nice drums made with Blackwood and Jarrah.