BRADY DRUMS announces Brady Day in Nashville - Sept 22


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September 22 is Brady Day at Fork’s Drum Closet in Nashville, USA! To celebrate, Fork’s will be rolling out a full Brady kit and over 30 snare drums for everyone to demo in person.

Brady personnel from Australia will also be flying in for Brady Day in Nashville, to help drummers tailor specific sounds to their setups, and to share insights into Brady’s history, philosophies of drum craftsmanship, and life “down under”.

Join us for a great evening with Gary and his team. Festivities kick off at 5pm sharp. See you there!

Dave from Perth

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Mate, I live in Perth, Western Australia. I'd love to see (and play) a line-up like that over here, too!

But seriously, to Chris and all the Brady "family", well done and all the best for that event - it looks like it'll be a knock-out.

As a Brady snare drum owner, I encourage all reading this to try to go and have a look and play. You won't be disappointed, I'm sure.

Bart Elliott

If you couldn't make it to Nashville, you can catch footage from Brady Day as well as my interview with Kelly ... I've been airing it on Drummer Cafe TV for the past two weeks. See and hear some wonderful Brady snare drums and drumkit.