Boy, I am having a difficult time starting a new project.


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Anybody else having this problem? Every time I get in touch with someone, It never seems to work out, or there is no chemistry. I've sat in with about 5 bands now that just aren't the right fit. Everybody seems to want to play hardcore now a days, man. It stinks!


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I've always likened it to dating ..

But yes I've noticed too in my area everyone just wants to play hardcore speed metal (mostly kids).


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I've always likened it to dating ..

Pretty much.

Heck, it may even be more difficult.

I met my wife 17 years ago. I've gone through several bands, and numerous band members in the same time period.

Find the right band members is tough.


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I think I auditioned for a dozen bands and filled in for several more before I found a group of guys that played great music with good attitudes. In my other band the guitarist and I have been trough 4 singers, 3 guitarists (including me for a while), 3 bassists and 2 drummers in 3 years. We seem to have a good group now but we all know how fleeting that is.

Even if you find a group that works it wont last with that specific group. Somebody will quit, somebody will get fired, and somebody will just stop showing up. Just a fact of life. The only bands that stick together are the ones getting paid.