bouncy dw9500 HH stand?


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hey guys

i bought a dw9500 hh stand a few months ago and of recently its become really bouncy, even when being light with quarter note use. its getting to the point where its moving away from the kit and even moving my slave pedal...
has anyone experienced and fixed this problem?


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Check how level it is, and adjust the legs if you need. There should be some spikes on the side of the black plate on the bottom too. Dropping them down just a little should help.

Bo Eder

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Yeah, you'll have to fiddle a bit with the angle (have the two legs a little higher to tilt the whole thing in towards a bit, and drop the spikes on the pedal plate. But I feel it could be a design flaw because you're asking for stability from a triangle with only two points. I've played the heavier DW hi-hat stands with two legs and they're never as stable as a hi-hat stand with three legs because that pedal plate isn't meant to be a stabilizing factor. However, I get the need since drummers like to add extra pedals to their kits for various things.


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I've noticed mine will rock a little if I'm playing on real thick carpet. This is very seldom, like if I'm playing in someone's living room.


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I have also found DW HH stands to be bouncy. Dont know why because I've only played them at music stores but I no likey.


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Yeah, I think Bo hit it right on the mark.

Funny that I just started noticing my DW9500 HH was also a little bouncy now.
I asked for the 3 legger at the local Guitar center, but it seems like that one is no longer popular, and is special ordered. With a discount pending, I decided on the 2 legger with some concern of stability.

Do fiddle with the leg height. If you can imagine the triangle points being the 2 legs, and HEEL pedal - it helps the cause. I also adjusted the 2 legs a tiny bit higher, creating a 3rd balance point at the heel section. If all 4 contact points are flush with the ground (especially below the chain linkage, it will bounce) .

Only slight bouncing here, as I use my HH foot to keep time on the 1/4 notes.


I played the DW 9500 and really never noticed the bounce. The thing is I never owned one. The two legged pedal that I've had for two and a half years and can recommend for it's stability and construction is the Tama Lever Glide (HH905).



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Other folks have commented here that the DW 5000 stand uses a softer spring, which makes it feel different than other stands. I've had one for 3 yrs. and am almost afraid to swap it for a more responsive one, at this point! I've grown steadily more tired of the sluggish action on it, compared to others I've played.