bought sabian evolution cymbal pack


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i'm gonna burn in hell for not finding the existing threads on's not that i don't try! ok maybe i don't knock myself out...blahblahblah. but i did try!!

bought the pack- mind ya, i would never be one to buy a cymbal without holding it in my hand and working with it myself, but i have no option at the moment.i have no real money so i figured the worst i could get was some pretty ok cymbals.

my review? pretty ok!

i've heard better 20" evolution rides than this one- this spreads out a bit too much so that the cool darkness is lost a bit.

i don't favor the 16" sabian crashes in general take a second to speak- like a vocalist who works into the note? i don't like that-i like certain paistes for their instant full integrity crash-(i know that thread's burnin up right now, and yea ded, i'd like a couple of bermuda's crashes for recording too). i have an hhx power crash-similar sound, like the strike isn't hidden by the crash...and i think the quality of the cymbal should be such that all transfer is instant and throughout.

hi-hats are pretty cool -clean 'chic', clean 16ths and swishing...can't complain! but no bell to speak fact no real intriguing bell sound on any of them.

then, the place where i bought these threw in an 18" ozone crash(still hhx evolution). it's kind of sounding like a 16" china.

i was secretly hoping to be blown away...but that would be quite a lot to ask for the price. and i really have no complaints. i could definitely say it's a safe purchase. but i would always recommend buying at a shop and hand choosing cymbals if you are in the financial position to do so.


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Boy, yeah those Evolution Rides... I had one too and only ever used it as a crash. They do work if you stay on the bell, or really close to it. Otherwise, the wash completely takes over. I prefer playing the bow and only using the bell for certain accents, so that wasn't the ride for me.

I noticed when listening to Dave Weckl use his that he practically never plays it on the bow. I guess he likes playing his rides on the bell - unless he's using one of his Legacys.


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yea close to the bell...true. this wash is like a laundromat. well the bell on this ride does have some character anyway-i said it didn't, but i think found some in there. the best 'ride' would be my older hhx power crash! it washes less than the actual ride.

they say these packs are sonically matched as a set by the pros at sabian...but i would think that first they send all the keepers out individually and then they sonically throw the rest in the packs. i knew this when i got into it, and like i said, for my small dollars, i got just what i expected-very very good cymbals for the price.

edit-i have to take the laundromat remark back....tho it's not the orgasmic evolution ride i've seen in a couple stores, i can't stop dingin on it so it must be pretty good!!! it's gonna pay the rent. and i respect the craft of the guys who are making these-it's so easy to dis them when you don't know anything. my ears are sonically matched however, at the factory...but, these are definitely higher end cymbals, and i imagine if you could hand pick one it could be the best ever. at the same time i take back the comment on the bell-just can't find much there at all.
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+1 But its one awesome crash!!!!!!!
Oh yeah, when I had my "aha" moment and figured out that it was a killer crash, I never tried using it as a ride ever again! I never should've sold it.

But why does Sabian literature say it has a bright ping? Maybe it's just how I understand what ping is, which could be faulty. I always think of ping as the sound the tip of the stick makes on the bow with the bell being described separately. As in, "cymbal has a nice ping but a weak bell..." or something along those lines.


Yes, like my Paragon Ride definitely has a bright ping when you ride on it.