Bought a DDT MS-140 E snare today


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I wanted to get a larger snare for my Roland TD30 kit. I saw that the TD50 has a bigger snare, but also that it can't be used with the TD30, so started looking at options. I managed to find a 'returned stock' DDT MS-140 at DV247 for £205 (usually £228), though I couldn't find much at all about the brand, so took a gamble on buying it...if it wasn't suitable, then I'd return it.

They also stock the spare mesh heads for Roland drums, so I added a spare 14" one to my order as they were the cheapest I could find (£30) and could be returned with the MS-140 if need be. I tested out the MS-140 with the supplied head first and tweaked some of the settings for the pad control to get it behaving as I wanted with rim shots. After a good hour or so of playing, I decided that I was going to keep it, so I swapped the head over. To be honest it doesn't really feel any different to the original one, but it matches the rest of my kit (I's bit OCD) and I have a spare one too.

I'm mainly posting on here because I couldn't find much about these pads/drums, so wanted to let the forum know my experience. If anyone has any questions or things they want me to test out, please ask. I'll be honest, my TD30 is really well above my ability and was the result of severe budget creep when I bought it, but I've really enjoyed getting it out again. I'm going to be helping with a friend's band as their drummer is on holiday, so I had 16 songs to learn for next week. After that I want to lay down some drum tracks for some recordings of my own songs, so it's helped me to knock the rust off my playing.

This is the model I've bought:;pgid=kewgcQQ7KnpSRpJyz.KmOBVG0000PXLIc6z7

Attached is a quick photo of my kit with the snare on it's stand (and the original PD125 re-cycled for use as a tom tom):

PS: My wife's pink gardening shoes, not mine. ;)


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I much appreciate your input. It seems there aren't enough snare reviews. There's the Roland stuff which we all know about... and there's Jobeky (not a lot of info/reviews), Drum-Tec (plenty of happy customers, but omg the cost)... etc. This DDT snare looks pretty impressive to me. Positional sensing, solid cross-stick and rimshot capability, from what I understand....

Any chance you could make a video showing off? Thanks!