Boston marathon explosions


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Take it from a person who was in Newtown on the Day.
~Don't trust the media!~
They say anything that they hear!
I was standing next to a Newtown Fire Fighter as the Newtown event unfolded. (He works with me in Newtown)
He was in direct contact via radio and cell phone with people who were on the scene.
What the media was reporting and what was really happening were two different things!!!


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Well the 2nd suspect has been arrested and is in custody. Now maybe our friends in Mass. can get there lives back together while as a nation we mourn the loss of life both here and in Texas at the fertilizer plant. There are still 60 people missing or unaccounted for. A very sad week in our country and many thanks to our world wide community for their thoughts.


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I just find that it's mighty curious that Putin volunteered the help within an hour or so of the bombing.They are actually Russian citizens and are from a region near Chechnya.Their father lives in Russia and was expecting them home for the holidays. Putin offers to assist when we don't even have a clue to who did it yet and are interviewing a Saudi Arabian national who was at the scene,tackled by a civilian and turned over to police,within an hour of the bombing.Nobody was thinking Russian Muslim at the time.

After over 20 years in law enforcement,I believe that somethings are coincidential,but this stinks

There guys don't show up on the radar for couple of days,and turn out to be Russian Muslims.

If it walks like a duck,and quacks like a duck,it can't be a turkey.

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I agree, Steve. The timing of Putin's "offer of help" isn't right. Why? What help? How?


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I'm pretty sure we'll never know the answer to that question.That piece of news was only mentioned a few times on the day of the bombings and then never mentioned again.

It seems clear that Russian Intellegence knew something,if not exactly whom was responsible for the bombings.

The good thing is that the younger of the two was taken alive.He clearly could have taken his own life or chosen the "suicide by cop" option.He seems to want to live and I'm sure in a death penalty case,will trade useful intellegence for his life.Cooperating with the FBI is the ONLY thing that will keep him alive.

It seem also that he wasn't buying the 72 virgins and the river of honey nonsense.

Some will complain that the taxpayer will now have to foot the bill for his incarceration but if the information gleened here even saves one life,say another 8 year old childs life,then its worth every penny it cost the taxpayer to keep him alive.

It was nice to see the heartfelt thank you for a job well done by law enforcement from the civilians in Boston and Watertown.My thanks also goes out to my fellow brothers and sisters in blue for a job that was done in a spectacular fashion.

My condolences to the family of the MIT police officer,who was assinated in his own radio car.

My best wishes also go out the 15 officers who sustained wounds by gun fire and shrapnel from explosives.These cops though wounded continued to ADVANCE on the two, till the older brother opted to commit his "suicide by cop" option and ran toward the advancing police officers.

These are the men and women who run toward the gun fire,when everybody else is running away.

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I don't see how it has.There are no statements about government policies.Just verifiable facts.

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Just saw some thing about the Czech ambassador tweeting a clarification to the effect that they are not Chechens.

Apparently a lot of social media is mistaking the Czech republic for the country of origin of the Boston Bombers..

RIP- Sean Collier. He was heck of a guy, from all reports.



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