Boston and The State of Affairs (hopefully a peaceful discussion)

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We have some mortal enemies, that's for sure. As a nation, our actions and reactions haven't always been the most appropriate(IMO), including the incidental killing of many children in this mess. So we've created sworn enemies through this. And that doesn't count the ones who hated us from the jump.

We are deemed guilty by these people, even if we didn't sign off on the actions of our government. I'm not particularly conspiracy-oriented, nor anti-democrat, nor anti-republican-none of that-I'm not a peace-nik either, but I think we jumped the gun on the "shock and awe" campaign, losing the favor of a world, that just prior to our retaliations, had nothing but compassion for us, the victims. Couldn't we have done that better?

What about the drones? I don't know about this stuff, but in some cases, aren't we somewhat randomly killing people(and children) in the Middle East? If someone's really informed on these things and isn't representing a political agenda, can they tell me what's up? I just wish there could be a discussion among the common people which could determine our course of actions, instead of our decisions being announced to us after the fact.

We're inextricably entangled in this now, and we're gonna need some gurus to get us out of it(hopefully some exquisitely crafted solid shell beauties...).

I'd like to participate in a discussion, but one that has no agenda- one where there is minimal hate from any one point of view towards any opposing point of view...rather just an objective observation of where we're at in our world and the U.S. in particular...along with some relevant and truthful information, if someone has that to offer...and some insights into where we go from here.

I'm apolitical basically, tho in the end, that probably doesn't work...I just don't want to hear how evil Bush or Obama are-would rather look at solutions.(not saying they might not be evil-just want to avoid stupid, un-ending political debate). If anyone has a word or two, that's cool. If not, that's fine too.


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Re: Boston and The State of Affairs(hopefully a peaceful discussion)

I'm sensitive to the situation in Boston, but this thread will get poltical and ugly fast. Sorry, gotta close it.
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