Boss DB-30 odd times.


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So i got a boss db-30 a few months back and have just been using it to play the basics realy, 4/4, 3/4, 5/4 and 7/4. But lately i have been learning some grooves, like the middle section of cygnus vismund cygnus by the mars volta, which i count to be in 29/16...
How the HELL do i set my mere 20 pound metronome to play that!? Its easy enough to feel, just cannot find anything on my metronome that can be used for play along to beats in odd times like this (13/16, 17/16 etc) i realy enjoy playing in these sigs but havent got a clue how i would go about practicing them along to the metronome...
thanks if anyone has any answers :p


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If you can count it fine you could just set the metronome to a steady sounding tick and forget about a different pitch for beat 1 one the measure.

It will keep you true to the tempo at least.


Instead of the metronome going:

DAHT daht daht daht DAHT daht daht daht....

It will go:

daht daht daht daht daht daht daht daht...


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I have the same metronome and I will admit that's one of it's downfalls but like the above poster said you can take off the first tick.

If you have a smart phone there are a few programmable metronome apps.

TMV is also one of my favorite bands and Jon Theodore is one of my favorite drummers. Awesome!


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Thanks! Setting my metronome to 0 beats, 8th notes and like 190bpm has cleared this problem up :D
And Jon Theodore is probably my favourite drummer at the moment, he has that ability to make EVERYTHING sound good, even the most basic (as far as the mars volta goes) beats, like on the widow, sound amazing played by him. And he can handle all those rediculous signatures as easy as breathing, the middle section of take the veil has my head spinning D:
i could go on and on about him...