Bosphorus Masters Ride


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i played a 20" 1600ish gram masters at gc the other day. great crash and wash. very not good for metal, unless you use it as a crash, but it is way too thin and would probably crack early.

i do not recommend it for anything past jazz funk or blues. but they are hand made and everyone of them is different.


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Well, I don't know if the thing would crack. Every cymbal has its limit, but Bos cymbals have such a high-quality alloy and are hand-hammered, so I've never heard of one cracking. They can take quite a beating.

That said, the Masters series is NOT what you want to be playing for metal. If you have your heart set on some Bos plates, check out the Rockett Ride, the Gold Series, maybe even some from the Versa Series or Stanton Moore signatures.


As these guys said, no, it's not good for metal. I would go with the Gold ride. That thing has some ping that sounds great for anything from funk to metal (my brother and I said that Chad Smith should switch to Bosphorus because of how well the crash/ride/hats sound).