Bose Earbuds


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Has anyone ever used the Bose Noise Cancelling Earbuds as part of an in ear system?

I'm wondering how well they isolate and how good the sound will be. Any opinions?


Les Ismore

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Choose whichever you find 'Les' offensive.

I wouldn't tru$t (nor buy) anything labeled BOSE.

If it say's BOSE, I stay away.

BOSE? Not in a million!


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I'd say there are probably better options out there in that price range. Shure, westone and probably a few others.


I can't comment on this specific model, but it is important to distinguish between "Noise Cancelling" and "Isolating" models. Typically the Bose are noise cancelling, and for drumming, isolating is really what you want.

I'll stick with my Shure's.

Personally I think the major players in the live sound field (Shure, AT, Sennhieser) make the best sounding headphones. But everyone has their own opinions.