Bop kit noodling


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I really enjoyed your playing! I would love to hear a better recording. I thought I could get a good idea of the drum sounds, but the cymbal nearest the camera sounded kind of gongy, and I felt that was probably from the recording itself.

Thanks for sharing that - cool Luddies and cool playing!


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Loved it 8mile, the quality is not the best but your great time feel and groove is there! The bit at 0:57 is fantastic. I want to hear more!


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I enjoyed that very much too :) OK, sound isn't wonderful, but plenty of nice grooving & some smart licks. What's not to like? :) :) :)

Anon La Ply

Not qualified to judge but you sound like a bona fide jazz drummer to me. Nice to see the hands and torso behind the words too :)


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Finally I get to watch your playing in action...Great feel and beautiful touch!

Post more!


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Thanks for the nice words, guys. I guess I need to haul the drums to my friend's house where there is good recording gear.

Anthony Amodeo

finally get to see you in action

loved it!!!

your little lick at :57 is awesome

Bo Eder

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That's was wonderfully executed man. Very swinging. Your drums sound like they should - like a bop player in the 50s. And they are! (with those modern improvements).

Nice playing. Get a bass player in for the next one.