Bop kit head selection


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I'm thinking about going to all Fiberskyn heads on my bop kit but I've never used them before.

Has anyone used a Fiberskyn as a reso head on the snare or toms? Did it sound ok? If not, what heads do you use on the reso side?


May depend on the drum and your tastes.. I was only able to use the Fiberskyn Diplomats on a Sonor Jungle Kit I had as the reso's. All other drums, I disliked them as reso's.

If you are going to use them as batters and can deal with the known bubbling issue, then they can produce an OK sound assuming it's the sound you like. I've used the FA's a few times as batters with success on various drums all in standard bop kit sizes.

Jeff Hamilton uses them with great success.

Aquarian modern vintage on everything!!

Personal tastes I know but I've tried the Medium and Thin version of these and I didn't care for them. Played them "in" for a few months before I decided to swap them out.

It's all a matter of personal preference though and I know many that wouldn't trade them for anything.


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Fiberskyns aren't a bad head if you can handle the bubbling issue. I got tired of it years ago and switched.

I now use Aquarian Modern Vintage or Texture Coated on everything. I usually have Texture Coated on the reso side.

If you do go with the Fiberskyns, try the Diplomat weight. With that extra coating on there it comes out to a near Ambassador weight. I tried the Fiberskyn A before and it was practically an Emperer weight.


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i put Fiberskyn Dips on my Jazz kit & did NOT like them at all except for the dark tone. even the FDs seemed too thick. tone great but a tad too thuddy for me. BD Ambassador as a resonant head was probably the best set up for me. however, i thought the brush feel / sound SUCKED. as in complete WTF moment. like a clear head. my review is on DW if you search.

i am currently using Evans etched J1s which are great. also used Remo Dips w/ great results after the coating breaks in. would love to try Earth Tones & Aquarian Modern Vintages


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What ever happened to the notion that Evans was going to come out with a faux-calfskin head? There were several comments from a couple years back that said it was going to happen but I've seen nothing about it in quite a long time. I hope the big push on G14 hasn't come at the expense of the other products in development.