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Wouldn’t the DW Frequent Flyer Kit at least cut weight but give you an adult bass drum sound since it’s 20”? I was at a county fair a couple of years ago and they used a Flyer kit for their backline and those drums sounded real.


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I found12/14/18 Maple Custom absolute in a shop a few weeks ago. For under 1k and in pristine condition.

View attachment 96804

I added Crosstown Hardware and its a super gig friendly kit.

A pro kit where those baby kits can’t hold a candle too.

Much easier to transport than the big sizes yet can sound huge because of the build and the riser attatched to the kick.

So put out a search and you can find killer kits for great prices. Especially in these Covid days.
LOVE the finish


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LOVE the finish

I've got a 10/12/14/20 set in that finish. The finish and hardware were the main attractions for me.
Especially the claws, tension rods, hoops, and spurs.
I still think it's one of the finest looking kits I've seen.

For sound, I think the new Tour Customs are just as good, and I actually prefer the sound of the toms a bit more.
If bagging it up and moving around a lot, the Tour rod/claw combo would be a little slicker too, for not catching on the bags.
I wish Yamaha would get on the ball and start making more add-on drums for the Tours.


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LOVE the finish
What I love about the older Vintage Natural, is that it turns into a goldish hue due to the microbacteria in the finish, just like the Vintage Brown finish.

And obviously it sounds killer and so is the build quality.

Regardless of the great things coming out of the China and Indonesia factories.

These Japanese models are still the best one can get in terms of build, feel sound.


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I have the Yamaha Manu Katche Jr. (original version, 1 rack, 1 floor - Philippine Mahogany shells). Paid $415 delivered. The newest version has 2 rack toms .... and it uses an all Birch shell now.
This is one of the coolest sets I've seen in a while, can't find Tony Verderosa series any more or a V wave (or a mini flat)...guessing that's a Engelhart giant hunk of metal there. What is your setup to trigger the effects pedals?

Had a MK Jr. set, was a great value. The Canopus Club kit sounds great from what I hear on video, there are several videos of Brian Blade playing the 15" BD and sounds great.


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This is one of the coolest sets I've seen in a while, can't find Tony Verderosa series any more or a V wave (or a mini flat)...guessing that's a Engelhart giant hunk of metal there. What is your setup to trigger the effects pedals?
Thanx. I love Pete's stuff. A very good drum brother of mine has the WHOLE Engelhart collection. So I have free use of it (it's in the family). But that item you see is a Morfbeats Mini Marvin. I've also added a Micro Marvin to the collection. I have a contact mic in that, which runs thru a Digitech Jamman (on the floor) ..... ant that in turn goes into the pedal board. Feedback/Dist., Reverb, Echo, Dig. Delay, Flanger, Phaser pedals pictured.

The Sabian VFX's are pretty hard to find now, yes. I've got the whole series, minus the "Distortion" hats. There is one of the 19" Rides on eBay right now. I've bought from that seller before (Hazelshould). He's also bought from me. Really nice guy.

Here's a Mini Marvin in action.
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As I'm getting older, the portability of my gear is becoming an issue. I already have a set of Tama Superstar classics (20, 12, 14) but would like to find something with a 16 inch kick. most of these kits seem to be a "you get what you pay for kinda deal" I'd like to find something thats very portable but with enough quality to gig with. any suggestions?
Have you tried a 16" bass drum? I converted a tom and used it as a bass drum for about 2 days. 🤪
It just didn't click with me at all - felt ridiculous.
An 18" is the smallest I'll go. If I needed smaller than that, I'd probably use a trigger pad.

Your 20/12/14 is not really that big, although I don't know how heavy it is.
I had a couple 18/12/14 Yamaha Stage Custom bop kits that were light as feathers.
I didn't like the 6 lugs on the bass drum and floor tom though.

I'd really suggest trying a kit with a 16" bass drum before putting the money down on one.


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I was not at all into 16” basses until I changed some of my idea of what the bass could/should sound like. When you set them up for the standard dry deep thud of a typical rock bass, they can’t do it in a convincing way. Sounds weak and nasal.

I set my current one up for more of a jazz tone: higher, rounder, longer sustain. Put in some foam to nix the basketball ping. Use a large yarn-wrapped beater. It goes “doooom” in a really satisfying way that tunes nicely with my toms.


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It wasn't about the sound. It sounded fine. It felt silly though. Even an 18 feels a touch small to me.
I suppose I could get used to a 16 if I had to.
I don't have to though. ;)


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The Breakbeats kit used to be the best budget mini kit back in 2014 when I bought mine. I still like it and still use it from time to time. (minus the snare). But it seems the Breakbeats kit has been surpassed by the competition in the past 5 years or so.

Nowadays I would recommend the Pearl Midtown for the best budget mini kit, given all the praise I've seen for them on this forum. They do cost slightly more, but I think it's worth it for wood hoops and a slight upgrade in hardware.

The Breakbeats aren't bad though, I've played probably 40-50 gigs with them...they're totally roadworthy for smaller venues and quieter playing.

I would recommend the Renown 18/12/14 for a medium budget if they weren't so damn heavy.

The DW Frequent Flyer kit was actually designed to be portable with it's small turret lugs and smaller dimensions. It straddles the line between mini and full sized kits (and is maybe 2 steps up from the Pearl Midtown in terms of quality), but it's $1350. The 20x12" bass drum you'll find is very easy to transport even in small cars. The depth is truly what makes a bass drum easy or difficult to fit into the back seat.

I should also mention the Yamaha Stage Custom bop. 18/12/14. Great value for $500. I'm not a fan of the 6 lug bass drum but I seriously doubt it effects performance. Great drums for the price.


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The stage custom bop toms sound real good.
They come with coated branded heads that are more than acceptable, so no need to budget for new heads there.
I found the bass drum to be a bit lacking even with a head change,
but tuned up higher where you'd expect to use a set like that, it'd probably work out just fine.
Doesn't come with a snare - it's just the 3 pc. shell pack.

The Renown bop kit does look really nice, but I've found them to be on the heavy side.
Never tried the DW set.

I've had a couple Ludwig Classic Maple bop kits, but they're a bit harder to come by,
and higher priced than some listed here but much less than some others.
The one I just got has a cannon for a small bass drum.
It would need to be tamed down quite a bit to use it in a small venue setting, but I'm impressed with it.
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Get one of these & you'll fit it anywhere!
I used one for my rockabilly gigs & it's a blast. You'll get used to playing standing up quicker than you think.View attachment 97005
I played standing up exclusively with one band for about a year and a different band for about another year. I'm a huge fan and proponent. I really like using a normal bass drum and normal snare drum on a tall concert stand.