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I am considering attending a Thomas Lang boot camp this coming July near L.A. I read that drummers of all levels are welcome but I am concerned that as a newbie (playing since August of 2013) that I will be in over my head. Before I come out of pocket for this I wanted to check with you guys to gauge opinions on the camp in general and to see if my lack of experience will make me the third wheel at the camp...

I did search the forums to see what I could find from past posts but the pickins were slim.

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If "all levels are welcome" how would you not fit in somewhere?
Good point! But I was not sure if that was marketing or if it were really true. Even if they "welcome" drummers of all levels I wonder how they will go about handling the pace with which everyone learns based on what level they are currently at - make sense?

well if theres enough of each group, (which you would assume so) theyd probly place people in groups regarding their skill level. and get the teaching that each group needs.

probly. i dont know.
I considered this with a Benny Greb masterclass when he came into my area. In my opinion, there are two different ways to approach this.

Going to see Thomas Lang will be AWESOME. Hands down, it'll be fun, engaging, and very informative. No matter your skill level.

But he's probably a decent amount of money to do it. In that case, consider how many lessons you could afford if you didn't go. Sure, it's an experience, but who's to say that he won't come around again in a year, and now you feel WAY more comfortable and poised to learn even more!

You might go and be TOTALLY over your head. At least you'd have some fun stories to tell :)


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Good points...I have no experience with any of it but you might want to get in touch and
ask for more detail about "all levels welcome". Depending on the cost and how much money
you have for this, what you expect to get out of it does matter.


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You don’t have to be an advanced player -- you just have to be a determined player. This is a camp for drummers who are not afraid to break a sweat and get a few blisters. During teaching hours (9 am to 1pm and 2 to 6 pm) there are only a few short breaks and all the “hanging and chilling” will be done while working on your chops.

All students will be playing on a standard snare and kick drum practice pad, or on a full practice pad kit. If you own a practice kit you are welcome to bring it to the camp. If you don’t own one -then you should get one!

We can provide DW practice kits for all students who don’t yet own a practice set. All the gear can be purchased at the camp for a very, very good price.

Students should bring their own double pedals but we can provide DW 2000 series double pedals if necessary. These pedals are also for sale for a very, very good price. Students are also required to bring their own sticks, and notepads.

The Camp in Warsaw Poland coming up is 750.00. that would buy 1) a new drum set, 2) a lot of private lessons. My fatherly advice would be to find a teacher locally and get some real 1 on 1 attention. The Thomas Lang camp is 20 people for 8 hours a day. That is 24 minutes each person in a 1 on 1 situation. On the other hand, 750.00 divided by 24 hours over three days is only 31.00 per hour. Not bad for a decent teacher and Thomaas is more than decent. Tough call.
Also the cost of the hotel for three days. Have fun with your decision.
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My fatherly advice would be to find a teacher locally and get some real 1 on 1 attention.
First thanks for the advise and for everyone's advise here.

I am working with a teacher, once a week for an hour and it has been immensely helpful. I am fortunate to be in a position where I can splurge for the cost of the class without having to sell plasma :) and I too read the description of the class that you posted. I just want to be as sure as I can that I can "hang" at a boot camp like this. While I can afford the class I am not foolish with my money (usually) and would hate to get to camp and be such a weak link that I embarrassed myself and/or slowed down the rest of the class. I know I gotta get over the embarrassment thing or else I will never be able to play with anyone or for anyone - other than my kid who loves anything dad does :) Maybe being the weak link would actually help me...

I think I am going to take the dive and sign up for the class.

Thanks again!