bongo head size


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Hey, I bought cheap stagg bongos years ago and they sat at the back of a cupboard. The heads have had stuff spilled on them and are not cleaning up, so I'm looking at buying replacement heads. Trouble is.... how to measure?! Is it the full size of the heads? The playing surface? Or the hoop size?

The hoop sizes are exactly 7" and 8"

I've done some googling and I cant see many examples of this particular stagg bongo. They mostly do 6.5" and 7.5" so I'm quite confused.

I only paid about £40 if memory serves correctly

Anyone have any ideas?

Ghostin one

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Usually, the playing surface is what's measured. If the heads are gone, it's the distance between the top of the bearing edges.

Maybe try to contact stagg with some pictures.


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Thanks for the reply. The playing surfaces (the flat area before it slopes downward?) are exactly 6" and 7" , so perhaps this is the measurement I need.

These are so much more confusing than drum kit heads!!

Contacting Stagg seems like a good idea!