Bolt Thrower - At first light drum cover


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So i decided to record something as i have got some new toys to play with and decided to roll with Bolt Thrower.

As it says in the video description, this was surprisingly hard as the tempo lives quite a bit and impossible to line up a click to the track. So just played along and tried to match the record as good as possible. Ofcourse there are mistakes but you cant go wrong with Bolt Thrower.

Feel free to comment!
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Man, I was into until it devolved into the boring double bass run with cookie monster singing.

Absolutely no knock on you, but I wish more heavy metal drummers would think of some other things to do. The novelty of bashing quarters on cymbals and hitting your bass drum really fast wore off a long time ago in my mind.


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Nice drumming, man. I like the whole thing but like Dr. Watso said, the double-bass thing does wear off pretty fast. But, you do keep great time while doing it.


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Really nice, even double bass the whole way through mate- well done.
Just wish I could maintain such a steady tempo for that long!


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I thought you did a good job, time was smooth. I like Dbl. kick, + Cookie Monster. Of course I like a lot of other music too.